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About Talk Talk

Welcome to Talk Talk English School. We have been teaching English in Kitanoda and Hatsushiba since 2000.

We teach kids and adults of all ages in a fun and enjoyable way. We also prepare students for Toeic and Eiken tests. If you require some more information please contact us. Hope to hear from you soon.


これからは、学歴や資格だけでなく、英会話の時代です!Talk Talk は、そんなあなたをサポートします‼︎ お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。

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At Talk Talk all lessons are with a qualified native English teacher. We want our students to enjoy our lessons as much as possible. Students don't need to pay an entrance fee and if a student is absent they can have an extra lesson on a different day. All students pay using the monthly envelope system.

ネイティブ講師による楽しいレッスンです!人間は、脳科学的にも精神的にも楽しい事の方が習得率が高くなると言われています。Talk Talk スタッフは、生徒さん一人一人が楽しめるレッスンを常に追求し続けています。入会金は無料!欠席した分の振替レッスンも可能!安心のお月謝制!

Kids Lessons

Our aim is to build students vocabulary levels and to help students to speak English as much as possible in a fun way. Kids lessons at Talk Talk are for 45 mins. The curriculum is based on the very popular Let's Go series of English Study. Also we use a lot of games, songs and cards so kids enjoy the lessons. Some students take Eiken or TOEIC tests. Classrooms are very colourful and interesting for kids.

1 Month 4 lessons 6,480yen

基本的には45分レッスンです。まずはネイティブ講師とカードや海外のゲームなどを楽しみながら、英会話に必要な英単語を習得。楽しく歌ったり、英語でジェスチャーゲームやアクティブラーニング、音読レッスンも充実‼︎英検やTOEICテストも全力で応援します‼︎ ¥6,480/月 (週に1回、月4回のレッスンです)

Special Kids Lessons

The special kids lessons are every Tuesday and Friday in Hatsushiba from 10am to 12pm. This class is for young kids who haven't entered nursery school yet.

1 Month 4 lessons 6,480yen

プレイグループレッスン(未就園児) 毎週火曜日と金曜日の10:00〜12:00に初芝スクールでは、未就園児向けに楽しいレッスンもあります!2時間みっちりネイティブ講師と遊べて、英語を習えてなんと ¥6,480/月 ‼ 週に1回、月4回、合計8時間で¥6,480/月 ‼︎

Junior/High School Lessons

Lessons are designed to improve conversational skills. Lessons are often taught to help students who are going on home stays or with school work, Eiken and TOIEC.

1 Month 4 lessons 10,800yen

中・高生レッスン 60分レッスンです。まずは、基礎会話力の向上を目指します!成績アップの為にもちろん、ホームステイや英検、TOEICテストに向けても全力で応援!ぜひご相談下さい!部活や体調不良による欠席分も振替可能なので、安心して無駄なく通えます。¥10,800/月 (週に1回、月4回のレッスンです)

Adult Lessons

These classes are for 60mins each week. Lessons are interesting and enjoyable. We use a wide variety of teaching materials for our lessons. Students mostly use a conversational text book or Talk Talk's own created materials. Aim is to maximise student speaking time. Students can study for Eiken, TOEIC and Business English.

1 Month 4 lessons 12,960yen

大人のためのレッスン 60分レッスンです。どんな分野でも対応しています!初心者向け〜ビジネス英会話まで、ご希望に合わせて、様々な分野も教えます。ツールも充実!英会話に触れて非日常なひとときをお楽しみ下さい。¥12,960/月 (週に1回、月4回のレッスンです。)

Family Group and Private Lessons

These classes are for a family or an individual who wishes to study alone.

1 Month 4 lessons 21,600yen

家族や兄弟グループ又は、マンツーマンレッスンクラスです。ご希望に合わせて対応できます。¥21,600/月 (週に1回、月4回のレッスンです。)